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Spheres and Crystals SVG theme

There are already at least 3 SVG based icons themes developed or under development. You find links to these on our links page.

Spheres and Crystals SVG is a metatheme for GNOME 2.2 we developed to test the limits of librsvg. The aim of this theme is to eventually only use SVG files. Currently that is only partially true as the GTK+ theme and the Metacity theme are using pixmaps, but we hope to fix this in a later release.

About Spheres and Crystals

The Spheres and Crystals theme uses icons or part of icons from many resources. The buttons in the GUI uses the BlueSphere SVG icons and the filesystem icons are a mix of Crystal SVG, BlueSphere and parts taken from Gorilla SVG theme. A big thanks goes to Vadim Plessky, Everaldo Coelho and Jakub 'Jimmac' Steiner who are the primary forces behind these icon sets.

Downloading Spheres and Crystals

You can download spheres and crystals in either tar.gz or rpm format from Sourceforge. The Spheres and Crystals theme demand that you have librsvg 2.2.2 or higher to function properly, you find this release also on the download page.

Also as an extra service we provide unofficial libgsf RPM packages.

Screenshot of Spheres and Crystals

You find the Spheres and Crystals screenshot from our screenshots section here.

Contributing to Spheres and Crystals

If you are an artist and interested in contributing a couple of icons to Spheres and Crystals we would be happy to have them. But it would be best if you sent the icons directly to the original authors instead of through me (but please CC me the icons). As mentioned the graphics in these metatheme comes from many sources.

  • For icons that match the look and feel of the Crystal theme send them to Torsten Rahn (tackat(AT)
  • For icons that match the look and feel of the Blue Sphere theme send them to Vadim Plessky (plessky(AT)
  • For icons that match the look and feel of the Scalable Gorilla theme send them to Jacub 'Jimmac' Steiner at jimmac(AT)
For SVG replacements for the pixmaps in the GTK and Metacity themes, or all new SVG or Metacity themes mail me, Christian Schaller, <uraeus(AT)>.


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